KunstThe collection includes paintings, graphic art, sculptures and decorative art.

One fifth of the museum objects are from the so-called old collection: medieval wooden sculptures, epitaphs with coats-of-arms, etc. It is one of the most valuable collections in the museum with its carved Kaarma’s Madonna from the end of the 13th century, Kaarma’s old altar relief Crowning of Mary from the beginning of the 16th century, etc.

In addition, the collection also contains the following pieces:

  • Works of local hobby artists and artists from Saaremaa
  • Works about Saaremaa by artists from somewhere else
  • Works of art gifted to the museum on its anniversaries, the so-called nomenclature works of Viktor Kingissepp, etc.

Kunst The following artists and objects are represented in the collection by bigger sets:

  • Hungarian artist Ernö Koach with his 50 works about Ruhnu, Kuressaare and other different locations in Saaremaa;
  • Eerik Haamer with 35 works, including two oil paintings and a great number of sketches from his last trip to Ruhnu;
  • Külliki Järvila with 29 works. Graphic works of mainly landscape scenes;
  • Faina Männik with 24 works (graphic art and tapestries);
  • Osvald Timmas with 16 watercolour paintings.