Gong concert in Kuressaare Castle

Sat July, 17th at 7 pm
Gong concert in Kuressaare Castle
Saaremaa Museum, Kapiitli hall

We are glad that our gongs will sound under the arched vaults of the medieval premises of the Kuressaare Castle with excellent acoustics.

The mistycal surround sound of gongs and singing bowls is incomparable!

 GONG is one of the eldest instruments on our planet and has been through ages revered due to its ability to broaden the mind and help the listeners to reach these cognitive fields that are unreachable in our ordinary life. The subtle sounds accompanying the major tone – the overtones – have a capacity to synchronise the work of two brain hemispheres resulting in clearer mind and sharper thinking process.

Possible influences of a sound session:

  •  Giving lightness and clarity of thought, and a sense of renewal;
  •  Ensuring deep and complete relaxation;
  • Releasing stress and mitigating chronic fatigue;
  • Restoring lost tranquility,
  • Neutralizing fears, increased anxiety, etc.,
  • Normalizing physiological processes in the body: i.e. blood circulation, breathing, digestion, brain activity, etc.
  • Withdrawing spasms and various painful sensations,
  • Harmonizing the energy body,
  • Giving a healthy and deep sleep.

Gongs fill the space with millions of mystical sounds; Tibetan and crystal bowls, flat bells, tibetan and crystal bowls, flat bells draw fabulous musical landscapes, overtone singing takes you into the depths of the universe


Lilia Märtmaa and Denis Vinogradov, multi-instrumental musicians, sound therapists, gong masters, founders of the Center for Healing Sounds in Tallinn.

TICKETS: € 20,
Pre-sale https://www.ticketbest.eu/performances/118
Ticketbest service fee will be added

or in cash at site 1 h before the concert

Sat July, 17th at 7 pm, duration of the concert is ca 1,5 h, without break

ADDRESS: Lossihoov 1, Kuressaare, Saaremaa museum, Kapiitli hall